Brand X Method

Brand X Method – "The Gold Standard in the Movement about Movement"

Expanding the most forward-looking youth fitness program in the industry based on 12 years of experience working with kids and teens in strength and conditioning is our passion. We focus on developmentally appropriate movement training for enduring fitness and physical competence rather than chasing after and celebrating short-term gains. We continue to stay abreast of and incorporate the latest research and methodologies to craft the most effective youth program in the world. We are allying with like-minded individuals and organizations such as Eleiko and StandUp Kids to bring cutting-edge best practices to coaches, parents and teachers, including mentoring programs and training modules (launching early 2017). We are lowering the barriers to expertise while raising the standards of coaching through our Training Centers, Campuses, and continuing education". (

Why TBXM™ Strength and Conditioning?

Without doubt, parents understand that exercise and other physical activities are good for their children. Likewise many parents lament the decrease in kids’ outdoor and other kinds of active free play coupled with the increasingly intensive—and decreasingly fun—atmosphere of youth sports, as well as the disappearance of recess and diminished PE in schools.

In this light, it’s no surprise that you have brought your children to our gym. But we think it’s important that you have a deeper understanding of why your choice to bring your kids to our facility is so smart.

Our program is powered by The Brand X Method™, which is deliberately designed to provide kids with what exercise science, including research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, has determined are vital components of human health and well-being. A lot of this research boils down to a simple truth: Humans are meant to move. Our ability to interact with the world and each other in beneficial ways depends on how much and how well we move. To ensure that children receive this fundamental health benefit, TBXM™ focuses on teaching kids to move well and often using a fun combination of exercise and play.

So what does any of this mean? A lot.
- They become safer and less prone to injury when they participate in sports and other physical activities.
- They develop a robust foundation on which they can continue to optimize their physical fitness, enhance their athleticism, and improve their sports performance.
- Kids become ever more competent and confident, which encourages them to explore new sports and physical activities.

TBXM™ is a long-term development program, and for your children to reap all of its health and performance benefits, training consistency is critical, especially during the sports season. Properly supervised in-season strength and conditioning is invaluable for offsetting fatigue that heightens the risk of injury and degrades performance. We cannot stress enough the need to strike a balance between sports-specific training/competition and general strength and conditioning throughout the year. This is not just our opinion, but also the opinion of pediatricians and pediatric exercise scientists.

It is important to note that sport is not a substitute for what we do. In fact, it’s well established that early sports specialization and year-round, competition-heavy sports participation can undermine long-term athletic development. A strength-and-conditioning program such as ours can magnify athletic ability and perhaps even stretch genetic potential.

With 12 years of hands-on experience driving it, The Brand X Method™ has an international reputation for excellence in youth training. Without doubt we are providing your kids with state-of-the-art training, and we are honored that you have entrusted us with their well-being.